Kerax Rigid Download Brochure


Efficient performance meets military readiness

The Kerax 8×8 belongs to a  family of militarized rigid trucks and tractors that are based on commercial vehicles that are adapted to the specific needs of armed forces. They are ideally suited for logistic missions and benefit from the low lifecycle costs of a standard platform. The Kerax is also able to be modified to a larger extent for tactical missions with improved off-road capacity and air transportability.

The Kerax 8×8 is a rigid logistic or tactical truck available with an armored cab and self defense weapon system. The twin steer front axles provide a tight turning radius and high performance with superior ride quality.



GVW 32 t (CEE) – 42 t (max)
Payload 8×4 19 t (CEE) – 24 t (max)
Payload 8×8 17 t (CEE) – 23 t (max)
GTW 8×8 40-44 t (CEE) – 80 t (max)


Wheelbase 8×4 5.99 m
Wheelbase 8×8 5.35 or 5.65 m
Overall length/width/height 8×4 10.6/2.5/3.3 m
Overall length/ width/height 8×8 10.2/2.5/3.3 m

Ground clearance (under belly) 0.43 m
Number of seats 2 to 6


Max. speed 90-110 km/h
Max range 600 to 1,000 km
Fuel tank capacity 315 l to 450 l
Fording 0.8 to 1.2 m
Vertical obstacle 0.35 m
Trench 0.9 m
Gradient 60%
Side slope 30%
Air transport A400M/C-130/C-160 (cf. options)